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    To empower and upgrade voluntary services’ providing, contributing to the effective implementation of S.P.M.T’s, objectives and interventions.

    To educate and support Association’s members in addressing the needs of socially excluded minors, supervised by S.P.M.T. in issues of education, housing, food, psychological support and counseling, as well as in actions for their social and employment integration.

    To contribute to the public awareness rising, regarding the dimensions of social victimization and the needs of juvenile offenders and minors at risk of delinquency.

    To raise public awareness and promote the active participation of civil society, in prevention of the multiple dimensions of juvenile delinquency and in the reduction of the borders of delinquent minors’ social inclusion.

    To develop initiatives and actions of Social Solidarity and Social responsibility, promoting human rights, children's rights, acceptance of diversity, tackling racism and xenophobia, in all their expressions and empowering social justice and solidarity.

    To promote cooperation and partnerships with other organizations, authorities, institutions and citizens who are interested in prevent and reduce of social exclusion and juvenile delinquency.

    To promote research projects and studies, targeting to further gaining and diffusion of scientific knowledge, on the prevention and tackling of social victimization and juvenile delinquency, by the strong partnership of scientific community and Citizens’ Society.


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Αμβροσίου 5, 2ος όροφος Τ.Κ. 546 30, Θεσσαλονίκη

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